The Lambda Robot

The Lambda is the only rehabilitation device that offers the freedom of a plan workspace in which the leg can be manipulated throughout almost its entire working area.

Polyvalent & Safe

Its unique robotic qualities open a new area of possible treatments : Passive or Active (Isokinetic, Isometric and Isotonic), Concentric or Eccentric with patient in a safe position.

Cost Effective

The Lambda requires minimal space within the room, while offering a great variety of exercises without patient de-installation and re-installation.

Fast Installation

Only 3 minutes are required to install a patient on the chair or directly from a wheelchair or from the bed. The therapy is then setup in a minute with the help of the User Interface.

Personalized Therapy

The fully configurable exercises and the patented "Learning Mode" give extreme personalization possibilities to answer the patient's needs.

Lambda Control Center

The Lambda is controlled by a simple and modern user interface, which aims to provide concise and straightforward tools to interact with. Developed in collaboration with therapists and focusing on their needs, it exposes logical concepts and easy patient management bringing a fast learning curve.

Exercises Library

Some ready-to-use exercises could be launched directly or customized for the patient's needs and saved for the next time. They can then be inserted in a session to run autonomously different exercises, or organized in a rehabilitation plan on a daily and weekly basis.

Evaluation & Progression

The Lambda solution includes a complete tool to keep track of the patient progression. It can also be used to evaluate the strength and power of muscles and automatic reports are generated.

Instant feedback

Controlled by the latest real time technologies, the Lambda is able to deliver instant feedback on every exercise, in order for the therapist to monitor perfectly the patient and adapt the training or correct the movement if necessary.