Learning Mode

Because we are convinced that only the therapist can handle the uniqueness of his patient, the Learning Mode was created to become an extension of his arms.

Flexible and user friendly

Technically the therapist can teach the robot a complex movement just by exerting it on the patient’s lower limb, as in conventional physiotherapy. The robot can record and then replicate the professional gesture automatically and multiply the possible number of repetitions. This personalized therapy could be setup in a minute, without any anthropometrical adjustments. Discover a world where the advantages of the robotic meet the sensitivity and experience of humans!


This is the most personalized robotic assistance in the world with a totally customized movement adapted to the patient's needs.

Easy to Use

When the new trajectory is perfect, it can be saved and used as an exercise or part of a therapy session.


Because the movement is directly created by working on the patient's legs, there is no risk of exceeding anthropometric limits.


The robot is able to identify the underlying pattern and repeat it indefinitely, while allowing fine control over speed and other parameters.