Enhanced Feedback

The main advantage of Lambda is its haptic possibilities: its ability to interact with the patient through the sense of touch. A lot of coherent tactile, visual and auditive feedback is given to the patient in order to improve the motor learning process.

High Immersion

Motor learning is improved by full immersion and improved feedback. All games can be played with or without the head mounted display to improve the immersion experience.

Patient Engagement

Patients often have difficulty focusing their attention and concentrating on rehabilitation exercises. A good way to motivate the patient is to introduce games with objectives that can be reached by the patient in order to improve his score, thus making rehabilitation more productive and high-powered.


Based on a simple levels system and variable parameters, the variety of games allows the therapist to choose the appropriate level of difficulty for a given patient and focus on improvements and reaching milestones.


Different games have been developed targeting various cognitive disorders and pathologies such as Hemiplegia or Hemineglect. This allows therapies to get accustomed and suited to treat different disorders.

Our games

Fives games are available and others are in development for training sessions applicable to specific pathologies. Some of them can even be played using a virtual reality headset for a full immersing experience.