Enhanced Feedback

The main advantage of Lambda is its ability to interact with the patient through his different senses. Various coherent sensitive, visual and auditive feedback are given to the patient in order to improve the motor learning.

Patient Engagement

Patients often have difficulty focusing their attention and concentrating on rehabilitation exercises. A good way to motivate them is to introduce games with objectives that can be reached, thus making the training more effective.


All our games include an auto-adapatative leveling algorithm that will make sure that the difficulty is always at the appropriate level for the patient. Not too hard, but still challenging.


Different games have been developed targeting various cognitive and control impairments such as lack of strength, coordination or symettry problems, foot lifter, selectivity issue, etc.

High Immersion

With our large incurved screen, the patient can easily enter in the games or identify the feedbacks and link it with his own movements. Immersion could even be enhanced when relevant using a head-mounted display.

Our Exergames

6 games are available to target different specific pathologies in a fun and motivating way.