Published on 20.05.2019
Presenting the Lambda03 at the congress

REHA Schweiz annual congress 2019

Lambda Health System was present at the REHA Schweiz annual congress which took place at SUVA Sion hospital. This congress attracted many medical field specialists and was a unique opportunity to introduce the robot to professionals.

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Long-term Pilot Trial at HFR Freiburg Hospital

We are very excited about this new pilot test which lasted 2 months at the Freiburg hospital. In addition with other functionalities, the testing of our new double-tasks functionnalities was helpfull with interesting feedback from the therapists.

Thank you to patients and therapists for their commitment and motivation. We look forward to the next collaborations.

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Set-up of 3 Lambda to Lavigny

We are glad to announce the delivery and installation of three Lambda robots at the Institution of Lavigny. We wish them every success with their new aids to support their patients' therapies.

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Our initial serial production is being tested by the covid-19 crisis

Congratulation to the mechanical team who managed to continue production during the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks also to our subcontractors for maintaining good delivery times.

A few delays were of course unavoidable, especially for asian out-of-the-shelve parts from Asia.

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Lavigny SPRINT congress - the Lambda Robot well-received

LHS presents the Lambda Robot at the SPRINT - Symposium on Patient Rehabilitation, Innovation and NeuroTechnologies.

Really interesting conferences and great contacts of potential partners in France and Italy.

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