Published on 08.07.2024
Aurélien Fauquex, cofounder of Lambda in demonstration with a patient with difficulties in dorsiflexion

Demonstration at Pôle Saint Hélier in Rennes, France

A rewarding day at the Pôle Saint Hélier in Rennes !

We're delighted to have had the opportunity to present our Lambda robot to the rehabilitation teams, including physiotherapists and APA professionals.

We were impressed by the quality of the patient's therapeutic pathway and the organization around it, thanks to everything that the Pôle Saint Hélier teams put into it!

Strengthening ankle dorsiflexion was clearly the highlight of the Lambda demo day. Whether concentric, eccentric, active assisted or via exergames, Lambda always finds a solution to suit your patients!

Many thanks to the teams for their warm welcome and constructive feedback.
Together, we're helping to transform rehabilitation care and open up new perspectives for patients.

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Klinik Bavaria Bad Kissingen explains how they use our Lambda

Check out the video from Klinik Bavaria Bad Kissingen, which shows how our Lambda makes rehabilitation fun, even for severely disabled people.
Physiotherapist Susanne and rehabilitator Kira show you in this video exactly how it works.

Many thanks to the entire team at Klinik Bavaria Bad Kissingen for their trust and valuable collaboration.
Together, we are making significant progress in the field of physiotherapy and kinesitherapy.

Watch the video here:

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Demonstration in CHRU Brest in France

An exciting day at CHRU Brest!

We were proud to have the opportunity to present our Lambda robot to the rehabilitation teams at CHRU de Brest.
Thank you to the patients and physiotherapists for their warm welcome and invaluable feedback.

Together, we are taking a significant step forward in enhancing care and supporting neurological patients in their rehabilitation journey.

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Interview with our co-founders, Aurélien Fauquex and Yannick Charrotton, on Canal Alpha

We're delighted to share with you an exclusive interview with our co-founders, Aurélien Fauquex and Yannick Charrotton, on Canal Alpha! 🎥

In this interview, they talk about our mission at Lambda Health System: to revolutionize rehabilitation and mobility with our innovative medical robots. 🤖✨

They also discuss our recent technological advances, the challenges we've overcome and our vision for the future of physiotherapy and physical therapy. 💡

Many thanks to Canal Alpha for this opportunity to share our story and our passion for improving patients' lives through technology. 🙏

📺 Don't miss this inspiring interview and find out how Lambda Health System is changing the world of medical rehabilitation!

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Canal Alpha's report highlighting our Lambda robots

We're proud to share Canal Alpha's recent report highlighting our Lambda robots and their positive impact on physiotherapy and physical therapy.

Watch the report to discover how our robots are revolutionizing the way we approach rehabilitation and offering new perspectives to patients in Switzerland and beyond. Many thanks to Canal Alpha for this great spotlight on our mission and hard work.

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